Residential and Commercial Demolition

At AtoZ, we have a broad range of capabilities in all demolition services, civil works and excavation for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

As experienced residential and commercial demolition contractors, we have the capacity to perform demolition applications in everything from small homes up to five-storey commercial buildings. Whether you require large-scale industrial demolition or part-demolition to make way for home renovations, we can help.

Our exterior and interior demolition services also include:

 Excavating the area underneath the removed building

 Removing and disposing of all materials from the building and excavation

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A to Z Demolition are your local experts for residential and commercial demolition in Sydney. We are the service you can rely on to get the job done right, no matter how large or small the task may be.

The difference between commercial and residential demolitions

Commercial demolition companies are engaged in the business of pulling down and removing commercial buildings. By nature, commercial buildings tend to be larger, more complex, and more filled with potential hazards than residential buildings.

Demolition engineers can use any of several methods to remove the existing structure of the commercial building from the site.  One advantage of commercial demolition is that it is generally easier to isolate the site, which makes it easier to use some of the more advanced demolition techniques than is normally possible with residential demolition in Sydney.

A home demolition is usually much simpler than demolishing a commercial building. Many of the dangers that can be expected to be present in a commercial building are unlikely to be encountered in a residential one (but we’ll still check anyway, just to be sure). However it can be an issue that most residential property in Sydney is located in zones where extra precautions are necessary.

This means house demolition in Sydney does not provide the same range of choices that are possible in most large commercial building demolitions.

The fastest residential & commercial demolition method

When time saving is the most important factor in your demolition project, the quickest method to rapidly bring a tall building down to ground level is a building implosion, more commonly known as a controlled demolition.

Controlled demolition involves the placement of shaped charges of explosive material located at strategic points, and set off in a controlled sequence of detonations. The aim is to collapse the building from the top down, taking out load bearing sections one by one so that the building will implode.

If this step were to be done improperly, the risk would be that the building would explode instead of imploding, and explosions are dangerous. When a building explodes, it showers the surrounding area with fragments of whatever it has been constructed with. Implosion does the opposite. It ensures every fragment falls inward, so it can’t harm nearby people or property.

This is why if you choose controlled demolition for your commercial demolition project (this type of demolition is not normally available or even recommended for ordinary Sydney house demolition), you must be sure to hire only true professionals such as A to Z Demolitions.

The most common residential & commercial demolition method

Of all types of demolition project, the standard “crash and clear” method is the most commonly used and chosen. It is less costly for demolishing smaller buildings compared to using explosives for the task (which would be unlikely to be authorized anyway), though it takes more actual time to do and ironically involves more risk than using explosives.

Even though demolitions of this type may seem very simple, they still do require expert planning and proper attention to be done correctly.

In this context, a correctly performed demolition is one where the demolition crew ensures the task is performed with the utmost safety and efficiency.

A demolitions engineer working for a professional demolitions company like A to Z Demolitions will take steps to make sure that:

  • Passers-by are not at risk of injury. This can be done in numerous ways including the placement of warning signs, erection of barriers such as temporary fencing, and posting of security staff and/or crowd controllers.
  • Traffic is diverted away from the project site or halted if possible during any particularly dangerous activities.
  • Surrounding property is not damaged by any of the demolition activity.
  • Animals, including domestic and wild animals are at minimal risk of harm as a result of the demolition activity.
  • Noise from the demolition activity is not excessive and does not disturb people at times when they would expect not to be disturbed by demolition noises.
  • The demolition activity takes place in a safe and disciplined manner.
  • The site is properly cleaned up and left in a construction-ready state.

If any of these steps is not adequately covered, it is a sure sign that the demolition company is not fully professional.

The safest and most environmentally friendly method

When time is not the primary factor, and you want to have the very best method of demolition, a process called “deconstruction” is the best choice. The saying goes that slow and steady wins the race, and deconstruction is a good proof of concept.

In deconstruction, a building is taken apart piece by piece. This means nearly all of the material can be salvaged for re-use or recycling, and minimal material ends up in landfill.

It is also a much safer method of demolition than any other because it happens at a slower pace and is done with care.

Although it involves more labour than a typical deconstruction job, the extra labour costs can be more than offset by the savings made through re-using or selling salvaged materials, plus the obvious environmental benefits from choosing a cleaner and greener option.

Deconstruction is not best for every project, but if you can allow the time the job requires, you will find it is the best because it generates less noise, generates less waste, provides the opportunity to salvage materials, and has the lowest risk of causing unwanted damage or injuries in the surrounding area.

Choose us for your demolition project

A to Z Demolitions has the extensive experience and knowledgeable experts to provide the highest quality of service to our clients.

For removal of commercial buildings and home demolition in Sydney, A to Z Demolitions has to be your number one choice every time.

For more information you can call us toll free on 1300 33 66 54 or use our online contact form to leave a message. We will get back to you as quickly as possible with the answers you need.

A to Z Demolition are specialists when it comes to asbestos removal, excavation & site preparation services in Sydney. If you are looking for demolition services or want some more information call us at 1300 33 66 54 or contact us online.

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