House Demolition in Sydney

Do you need to get a house demolished in Sydney? If so, you’ve just found the right company for the job! We specialise in all kinds of  Sydney house demolitions and we’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide range of clients from construction managers and general contractors to architects and property and building owners over the years.

A to Z Demolition is a professional house demolition company in Sydney that is perfect for any and all of your interior and exterior house demolition projects.
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We Provide the Best House Demolition in Sydney

Here are some of the reasons why our clients choose us;

Expertise – We have been providing demolition services in Sydney for many years and have successfully completed numerous projects ranging from a few thousand dollars to well over $1 million.  Our team consists of highly trained professionals and all of our operators are licensed to handle heavy machinery.

We have the right tools – A to Z Demolition have all the needed power tools and machinery to safely, quickly and effectively take on any type of demolition project, no matter how large or how small.

High safety standards – All of our projects are completed according to the highest safety standards, so you will never have to worry about on-site injuries or property damage.

Licensed asbestos removals – We have also licensed asbestos removers and can safely get rid of these hazardous materials from your home without risking the health of those in your neighbourhood.  Our company also disposes of asbestos in legal and environmentally friendly ways.

Passionate about green living – The environment is incredibly important to us and that is exactly why we do our best to dispose of waste safely and sustainably.

We Can Take Care of All Kinds of House Demolition Projects in Sydney

Want to know more about our services? Here is a quick list of some of the areas that we specialise in;

–    Complete house demolition

–    Partial house demolition

–    Strip Outs

–    Internal demolition

–    Flooring removal

–    Glass removal

–    Swimming pool removal

–    Paving removal

–    Concrete removal

–    Foundation removal

–    Site Clearing

–    Rubbish and waste removal and clearing

–    Asbestos removal and disposal

–    Wall removal

–    Roof removal

–    Tree removal

–    Steel structure removal

–    Foundation removal

For each and every demolition project we take on we also remove all building rubble and trash that might result from the demolition project to leave your site clean and clear. In addition, we can also prepare the site for new house construction, so you can get started on your new build with ease.

Curious about the cost of house demolition in Sydney?

If you are, then we have great news for you! We are A to Z Demolition, a company specialising in excavations and demolitions of various degrees for both residential and commercial properties. We have worked with countless clients, both independent and high-profile and so we know the importance of an affordable service for your company. We are proud to say that our demolition costs in Sydney will not demolish your bank account.

If you’re interested in learning more, why not give us a call today for your free quote?

Do we just do house demolition?

Whether your project is a run-of-the-mill demolition task or cheap house demolition in Sydney, we know that our experienced and licensed team members will be ready for any task that comes their way. We have a range of services to choose from, each one specialised to their own needs.

    • Residential and commercial demolitions. Whether you are starting a new journey in your personal or business life, we at A to Z Demolition are here to give you the perfect start. Clearing a patch of land and preparing it for the new buildings can be a tricky task, but our years of experience working with a variety of clients has left us prepared for any environment and job, ready to tackle the next project with the skills to solve any issues that may arise.


    • Partial demolitions. Perhaps you’re not planning to take down the entire building, just one part. In that case, you’re going to want to ensure that none of the sections of the building that you want left standing are damaged in the process. Leave that to us.


    • The more unusual demolitions. Perhaps you’re planning to demolish a building in a busy section of the city and need to ensure that no citizens in the surrounding area are injured or put in harms way? Or, perhaps you’re in need of a demolition in an area of agriculture and want to protect the plant life around it. Either way, there is no job that is too difficult for us.


Talk to us to learn more about house demolition

Well, that will depend on what your project entails. Our experience with this industry and working with multiple types of clients has opened our eyes to the importance of understanding that every business and/or homeowner is different. If you own a small coffee shop, your needs will not be the same as if you own multiple supermarkets across Sydney. Therefore, we pride ourselves on not demanding a blanket price for the services we provide, instead tailoring each quote to meet the needs of the specific customer.

If you would like a free quote on your project today, then get in contact with a member of our friendly team by calling 1300 33 66 54. We look forward to hearing from you and building a relationship with you and/or your company.

Hire professionals to take care of your Sydney house demolition

Demolition is not a DIY project that you should ever undertake by yourself. Our expertise and machinery enable us to perform your house demolition projects much quicker than you can possibly do on your own. Safety is also a huge factor to consider, as there’s little room for error considering the health risks that are involved.

Who Will You Choose For House Demolition In Sydney?

So, you’ve decided that you need to demolish your house in Sydney?

There are a wide range of reasons that you might have decided this is the best course of action. Perhaps you want to purchase the land and start from zero, or your home has become damaged beyond the point of no return. Infestations – when they are severe enough – also warrant demolition.

Whatever your reason, we know that you’ve got to take care of the job properly. If it’s performed by the wrong provider, you will experience a whole host of other issues when it comes to the quality of the demolition, the excavation of the area and the disposal of the materials once the building is down.

For years, clients across Australia have trusted in A to Z Demolition to take care of these jobs and we’re proud that so many homeowners and construction companies have faith in our ability to deliver the best results every time.

The following are just some of the reasons why you should choose to work with us;

A Full Range of Sydney House Demolition Services

We understand that no two projects are alike and we offer a wide range of services to accommodate for your needs.

Our team also takes care of part-demolition for those instances where you are planning for renovations. This can be done precisely so that no damage is done to the area of your property that you want to keep.

Not sure what kind of service you need? You can discuss your project with our trained professionals and they will be able to give you the appropriate guidance and advice on how to tackle your project.

House Demolition at Competitive Pricing

In terms of pricing there are a lot of factors to consider and when it comes to house demolition in Sydney, costs will vary.

Our helpful representatives are happy to provide you with a quote based upon your specific needs and you can tell us more about your project using either our online form or explaining more in person.

Responsible Handling of Materials

We are an environmentally responsible company and that’s why we make every effort to ensure that the materials that are created during a project are disposed of in an appropriate way. We have partnerships with a range of organisations like Habitat for Humanity and these collaborations help to ensure that no materials go to waste and pollute our precious environment.

Helpful Staff and Excellent Service

Our staff are second to none and will always have your best interests at heart. They thrive on delivering an impeccable level of service all the way through from the planning phase to the clean up once the job is completed.

If you would like to contact our professionals today to begin discussing your project, please feel free to contact us.

To find out more about our services or to get a quote for your project please give us a call on 1300 33 66 54.

A to Z Demolition are specialists when it comes to residential demolition, commercial demolition, site preparation services, home demolition & excavation contractors services in Sydney. If you are looking for demolition services or want some more information call us at 1300 33 66 54 or contact us online.

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