Demolition Company in Sydney

Demolition company in Sydney that you can trust to knock your building safely and effectively.

A to Z Demolition is one of the best demolition companies in all of Australia and we’ve had the pleasure of working with construction managers, general contractors, architects, and property and building owners on a wide range of different projects all over Sydney over the past number of years.
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What we can handle as a demolition company in Sydney

With a high experience level, skilled operators and the strongest industrial machinery at hand, you can bet that A to Z Demolition can take on any Sydney demolition project you have in mind. We can demolish any type of structure for you including:

Residential structures – Our demolition experts can demolish any type of residential structures or can perform partial residential demolition, swimming pool demolition, strip outs and internal demolition inside homes and apartments.

Commercial structures – We have extensive experience in commercial demolition and can work on hi-rise buildings of up to five storeys high with amazing success.  This includes shopping centres, schools, warehouses and other types of buildings.

Steel structures – We demolish steel structures such as bridges and warehouses, and our green methods ensure that all of these steel structures will be recycled for future use.

Asbestos structures – A to Z Demolition is a registered asbestos removal company so we can get any asbestos buildings demolished and safely removed from your property. We can also do partial demolitions and will safely remove all traces of asbestos from your buildings without causing damage to your property.

Small demolition tasks – We also get contracted to take care of small demolition tasks like landscaping projects. Our experts are great at destroying and removing anything you don’t want in your backyard so we can help whether you need to remove a swimming pool, fountains or some tiles tiles.

Agricultural demolition – Farmers can also benefit from our services as we can take care of sheds and agricultural buildings of all shapes and sizes to make way for new agricultural projects.

A good demolition company does rubble removal and site clean-up

Our demolition company in Sydney doesn’t leave you to clean-up after the demolition project is completed. In fact, we will take care of the mess for you by removing all building rubble, rubbish, and unwanted structures.

We follow green ethics when it comes to disposing of these items and will ensure that all recyclables like steel will be delivered to the right places where new items can be manufactured from these materials.

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If you’d like more info on our services or you’d like to schedule a call out today, please give us a call on 1300 33 66 54.

A to Z Demolition are specialists when it comes to residential demolition, commercial demolition, site preparation services, home demolition, house demolition & excavation contractors services in Sydney. If you are looking for demolition services or want some more information call us at 1300 33 66 54 or contact us online.

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    Residential & Commercial Demolition

    Residential & Commercial Demolition

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    Asbestos removal & disposal

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    Excavation and Site preparation

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    Strip outs & Detailed internal demolition


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    Detailed Demolition

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